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The Creative Minds

Martín Romero

Martín’s construction roots go back to his youth in rural Valencia County, where he first gained his lifelong appreciation and love of construction by working side by side with his grandfather, uncles, and cousins as they built homes that were solidly built and affordable.

It was during the decade and a half of tutelage and direction by his Grandfather that Martín developed principles that would guide him in the formation of M-Art Building company in 2002. These principles are basic yet often overlooked in the construction industry:

Good Design – A home is the place where you will spend many years making memories, so a home should be memorable in design.


Quality Construction - One of Martíns favorite mottos is “Custom Design – Superb Craftsmanship, It’s not just what you can see, it’s also what is within the walls.” This speaks to his commitment to build homes that meet or exceed green standards.

Budget Conscience – Buyers must look beyond the cost of building a home and calculate the Long-Term Expenses that include the utilities required to live in a house. The best way to maximize affordability is to build High Performance Homes that utilize green technology to seal, insulate, and heat/cool a home.


Integrity – A builder must stand behind their work. Period. And one core purpose of founding M-Art was to create a company committed to both Product Quality as well as Customer Satisfaction.

Martín holds a New Mexico General Contractor License, an Associate Degree in Construction Technology, a Master’s Degree in Education, and has taught in the UNM Valencia Campus Construction Technology Program.


He also enjoys rural life at his farm in Tomé

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Tony Rivera

Tony has committed over 30 years to the study and practice of Design and Construction.   Inspired by his first Architectural Drafting class and completion of a Solar Design and Construction Program in 1980, Tony decided to pursue a career in which he could contribute positively to society through responsibly building environmentally harmonious projects.

In college, Tony continued his interest in Solar Design, consistently growing his knowledge base within a broader study of Climatic and Ecological Building Design. It was there that Tony also became interested in non polluting construction methods, materials, and practices.


Since obtaining a B.A. degree in Architecture, Tony has worked for over 25 years in both design and construction on a wide range of public and private projects, including schools, libraries, community centers, and custom homes. 

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