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Parade of Homes

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Parade of Homes - A Message for our Visitors

1. Stay home if you are sick. If you are sick or have had contact with someone who is sick, do not go out in public. Contact your local clinic for advice on what to do next and notify any businesses or people you have encountered. Consult the CDC for the proper safety steps if you are sick.

2. Please be proactive about hygiene. While traveling and entering the house, please be extra vigilant to wash your hands, wear cloth face masks and respect the rules and signage posted at the various houses. Individual homes have procedures in place to keep patrons and employees safe, please respect them. Lastly, follow the CDC and New Mexico Health recommendations for hand-washing and hygiene practices.

3. Have patience. Businesses are restructuring how they provide services to visitors to keep you and their employees safe. As restrictions change, please be patient as they are implemented in each house.


4. Please be careful and practice extreme safety. Please be considerate of others including other guests, employees and home owners.

5. Practice physical distancing. Follow the recommended social distancing guidelines and maintain a 6’ distance between yourself and people outside of your group. Stay with your party and do not integrate or push yourself into people outside of your own traveling group.



6. Come prepared. With limited resources available locally, guests are advised to travel with what you’ll need during your visit like masks, gloves and or other sanitation supplies. Shoe covers will be provided by the HBA in each house.

7. Please do not touch any surfaces and follow posted signs; please follow any instructions from the friendly staff there to assist you during your visit.

8. Children, elderly or other vulnerable individuals discouraged from visiting in the best interest of your health and safety.

9. Parties must be 5 or less per visit.

10. Due to demand, we ask that you move at a pace that allows you and others a chance to see each house in an efficient and timely matter; also we ask that you follow directions from the employees and staff there to assist you in each visit.

Your safety and the safety of others is our biggest priority.

Thank you for your understanding and enjoy!

Home Builders Association of Central New Mexico


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